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Our Thoughts on the HP Spectre

Our Thoughts on the HP Spectre

by TEAM Tech ExpoundJuly 1, 2016

If you’ve been on the lookout for a Premium, portable laptop there are not many options for you, especially in the Windows category. Apple are the best at this though, whereas Windows is lacking. Due to Apple dominating, most companies have nearly given up on a Premium and portable laptop. However, today we take a closer look at the HP Spectre which aims to change that perception.

When it comes to Premium design and portability, the Spectre is one of the best. It has really thin bezel, in fact HP are confident that it is the thinnest in the world! The aluminum and carbon fibre are a good touch to the Spectre. When it comes to pricing, the Specture along with the ‘premium’ features come with a premium price at $1,169 which is dangerously close to Apple’s pricing for MacBooks.

Our Final Verdict

HP has clearly proven that it can, in fact, compete with Apple in this category. However, even though the Spectre is visually appealing it doesn’t make it an excellent performer. If you really care about thinness and overall style, then the Spectre will not let you down but if you don’t care about all this, there are much BETTER options on the market, for e.g. the XPS 13.


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