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Short Review of the Huawei MateBook

Short Review of the Huawei MateBook

by TEAM Tech ExpoundJuly 1, 2016

In the tablet computing industry, Microsoft seem to be leaders in this area with the Microsoft Surface, which attempts to be both Tablet and Laptop. Apple have also tried to come forward, with their iPad Pro using iOSa, which Apple tries to portray as powerful enough.

Huawei has recently announced their new MateBook which looks like a clone and attempts to perform like a PC.

The MateBook from Huawei is not supposed to be just a tablet, for a long car journey but rather a Portable PC / Laptop. The Matebook retails for $699 and goes much higher (Depending on model). It is capable of running Windows 10 and is powered by an Intel Core chip, which is common in Apple’s MacBooks.


Final Verdict:

If you have your eye open for a Windows 10 tablet, there are much better options out there for e.g. the Samsung TabPro S, Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft who are much more experienced etc.

Considering, this is Huawei’s first attempt at a tablet like computer, the next version could fix all the negatives: battery life and design. We’ve seen a trend in Huawei where they do tend to copy other companies, before finally discovering a unique way of selling their device. Overall, I consider the MateBook as a experiment to see how consumers react, however, you should defiantly keep your eye out for Huawei’s new edition of the MateBook.


Expound Score: 4.5 /10


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