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Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones Review

Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones Review

by TEAM Tech ExpoundJuly 17, 2016

A company based in New York called: Master & Dynamic have a great reputation for their line-up of headphones, today here at TechExpound we give you a detailed review on the ME05 earphones by Master & Dynamic.

When first opening the box, you will see the earphones, speaker filters, a cleaning cloth, different sized ear buds, carrying case and a pouch. The packaging is extremely minimalist and attractive. In fact, at TechExpound we have never opened a headphone box better than this one.


The idiosyncratic design encompasses sophisticated ergonomic elements and its standard 8mm titanium-coated dynamic drivers provide you with an inspiring sonic experience. The sound is simply super clean and crisp and the quality amazing. The bass is not the best, but rather an average quality.  At a price range of around $199 you would expect more in this area.

As far as the mic and the headphone are concerned, the mic for instance is placed very strategically for increased vocal clarity while the hand finished headphones are made from solid brass and clearly demonstrate discrete aesthetic and acoustic qualities and come in four different sizes of changeable silicone ear tips for maximum comfort.

Overall, there are not many negatives as Master & Dynamic are true masters in their field. However, we feel the earphones could have had a better design so as to prevent them from slipping out.


The bottom line is, the ME50’s has great sound quality, and is stunning when being used. However, there are some negatives like the earphones slipping out and also the high price; personally, we would expect more at this price point.

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