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Samsung Gear 360 Review

Samsung Gear 360 Review

by TEAM Tech ExpoundJuly 17, 2016

Many people assume that virtual reality is a recent arrival on the technological stage. But no, VR as it is commonly know as was pioneered by the American computer scientist Jaron Lanier in the early 90’s. Subsequently Google introduced VRGs (Virtual reality glasses) and now it is Samsung with its Gear 360 that joins LG’s 360 CAM and Richo Theta’s 360-degree camera that broke the rules of photography previously. But leaving aside the past launches, what surprises the tech market is that Samsung’s headset is very pleasantly priced at only £70 making it really accessible to tech enthusiasts.

Earlier, VR’s biggest challenge was that there wasn’t adequate content to support Virtual Reality as there was only a limited selection of 360 videos. However, this scenario is history now with Samsung’s Gear 360 VR camera! In the first place, it starts very swiftly provided it’s connected and immediately displays a live image via its 360 Gear App which can then be transmitted to your smartphone. The other good news is that it virtually allows anyone to capture full high quality, 360-degree video, which can be viewed on a VR headset or even on YouTube and Facebook, as they now accept 360 video.


The Gear 360 by Samsung, comes with two 180-degree, 15 megapixel cameras which allows the device to capture the full 360-degree video. It is important to note that more megapixels don’t mean better video quality.


The Gear 360 can be filmed  at a UHD resolution of 3840×1920 pixels which simply  means that it is excellent for taking great pictures at any time of day. But as always, as far as such devises are concerned, we at Tech Expound feel that Battery life is key and luckily, the Gear 360 comes with 1,350mAh of battery which powers the device. It is also useful as you can carry an additional battery for more shooting time. All the footage is stored on a microSD card which can then be transferred via microUSB to a computer.

The Gear 360 is currently being traded on Amazon for £338.99 or about $360$ (given the current exchange rate) and is practically available worldwide.

TechExpound Score: 8/10

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