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Blackview BV6000 (Short Review + Our Thoughts)

Blackview BV6000 (Short Review + Our Thoughts)

by TEAM Tech ExpoundJuly 18, 2016

In the Android world, we have seen some amazing devices out there. It is a highly competitive market, there are smartphones that cater to the needs of everybody. Today, we take a look at the Blackview BV6000, it’s more for people that want a bit more from their devices in terms of resistance.

The BV6000 can easily take knocks and bumps and is a bit more rigid than your everyday device, surprisingly it can also be immersed in water!


Opening the box, we noticed a familiar design and specs. It contained a 4.7 inch HD display, microSD card reader, 32GB Built-in storage, 13-megapixel rear facing camera and 5MP front facing camera. It also comes along with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is great even in 2016.  These specifications are fair enough, considering the price of £170.

The left-hand side of the phone shows the push-to-talk button. When pressed it opens up the user’s contacts, and allows you to send a GPS location and a message.

The button can also be used to set the phone into: Distress mode, which sends a distress signal every 30 minutes which results in saving battery life. This seems like a gimmick but it is a good feature to have.


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Final Verdict:

The BV6000 is not for everyone and will only be perfect for certain people, while for others there are much better options out there. If you worry about damaging your smartphone, this would be a better option, however, if you’re not worried you will be much happier with a different option.

Expound Score: 5/10

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