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February 15, 2017

You can now share personal info with others in Allo via Google Assistant

The Google Allo chat client may have gotten just a little bit more useful, when you combine it with the Google Assistant voice-controlled AI. A recently launched server-side update now allows users to share personal information and data with others on Allo, via commands from Google Assistant. Since the only smartphones that officially support Google Assistant are the Pixel and Pixel XL, this new feature for the Allo app will obviously be limited to a select user base.

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You can already bring Google Assistant into an Allo conversation by typing in “@google” and then tapping on “@google” in [...]

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January 28, 2017

Android emoji – everything you need to know

Emoji seem to have taken over the world, with emoticons quickly becoming a dying tongue around the inter webs. And for good reason; these little icons offer a convenient and friendly way to express emotions. Even turds look cute when pictured as emoji!

But what about us Android users and enthusiasts? You may recall that for a while emoji just showed up as lame squares, and in some cases that continues to be the case. This is because the first major phone maker to adopt these was Apple, in an attempt to attract more users from Japan (where emoji first became popular). It didn’t take long for this to explode and become the amazingly popular trend it now is, with most [...]

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