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July 6, 2017

Android 7 Nougat update tracker – July 6, 2017


The Android 7.0 Nougat update is underway! Following its release in August 2016, Nougat began its steady expansion through the massive Android ecosystem.

As it’s often the case, some phone makers are taking their time bringing Nougat to their devices, so we’re here to answer your questions about it. Read on to find out when will your phone be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat and which phones got it already.

Let’s dive right in!

What’s new in Android 7.0 Nougat? Read our in-depth review

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June 16, 2017

Some Xperia XA Ultra variants are now getting Nougat

The Sony Xperia XA Ultra has been around for about a year now, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stuck with older software. If you happen to own one of these handsets, we’ve got some good news! It looks like some variants of the device are starting to receive the big Android 7.0 Nougat update.

Don’t go rushing to the settings just yet, though. The update has started rolling out, but not everyone is getting the treat right away. Reports mention only a couple Xperia XA Ultra variants have been getting the update until now.

Sony Xperia XA Ultra is official: check out that screen! Android Nougat review: what’s new in Android 7.1.2?

These are the F3211 and F3212 [...]

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March 8, 2017

Nougat gets a big boost in March 2017 Android distribution numbers

Android Nougat is finally gaining some steam among devices that use Google’s mobile OS. The latest official distribution numbers for March 2017 show that Android 7.0 and 7.1 have a combined total of 2.8 percent share of the Android pie. That’s more than double compared to what those numbers showed in February 2017, which only recorded the combined versions of Nougat with a 1.2 percent Android share.

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In retrospect, it’s not that big of a surprise to see a larger rise for Nougat’s share. We have seen more and more older smartphones get updated over the air to the latest version of Android. That includes [...]

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February 8, 2017

Android version distribution: the calm before the Nougat storm

Yes, yes, I know: Android fragmentation, grumble, grumble. It’s almost six months after Android Nougat first appeared on the Pixels, and the latest version of Android is only present on 1.2 percent of active devices. But the monthly Android dashboard from Google, currently showing data collected over the week preceding February 6, is about to see a big bump in Nougat numbers.

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The reason is simple: this month we’ll be seeing the vast majority of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices getting the final Nougat update. While the rollout began a couple of weeks ago in some parts, I wouldn’t be surprised to [...]

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