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October 7, 2017

It’s not ok for billion-dollar companies to crowdfund

Crowdfunding has traditionally been a platform where the little guys go to get a leg up. Creators get the chance to share their ideas, and we’re able to do something positive if we like what we see. We chip in, take a little leap of faith, and maybe see something realised that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

But, what about when a large corporation steps in to get a slice?

Corporate greed at its finest

Very large corporations are now jumping into crowdfunding to push their latest ideas, and are being encouraged and assisted by the likes of Indiegogo along the way.

This isn’t a line in the sand moment, but it is a plea to use good sense and not give [...]

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August 4, 2017

New commit suggests touch support could be coming to Android Recovery

Google pushed a new commit to the AOSP code yesterday and buried within the changes are some interesting references. First, we find reference to an unknown device called dorado that is mentioned alongside angler (Huawei Nexus 6P) and angelfish. While you might be tempted to think dorado is the Pixel 2, we already believe we know the codenames for the Pixel 2.

So what is dorado? While we can’t say for sure, 9to5Google recently pointed out that this could actually just be the Verizon Wear24, as some of the related kernel commits were created by Quanta, the manufacturer of the Wear24. Moving past dorado, the second reference visible in the commit talks about support for [...]

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July 31, 2017

A future Android update might usher in Bluetooth battery level indicators

Whenever I hop over the fence to Android’s yard, one of the more frustrating aspects of Google‘s mobile operating system is the lack of any Bluetooth battery level indicator. Yes, there are third-party solutions like BatON, but they tend to be buggy and work with a limited range of devices. It looks like Google will remedy that problem, however, by baking those indicators into Android itself.

As XDA Developers originally reported, the future update will tell you how much battery your connected Bluetooth accessory has. For those with Samsung, LG, and OnePlus phones, this is not a new development – the feature is integrated into their Android skins. However, the update [...]

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March 17, 2017

New Android O rumors claim it will offer new notifications and much more

It’s mid-March, and it’s also a Friday, so there’s not a lot of major tech news going out today. So that makes it the perfect time for some unconfirmed rumors to hit the Internet about the next version of Android, which is also known as Android O in the media.

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9to5Google started it out today. It claims, via unnamed sources, that the next Android OS will include some kind of “new notifications” but exactly what that means is still a source for speculation. It also claims that it will have some kind of picture-in-picture mode similar to the one found in Android TV. In addition, the report claims that Android O’s [...]

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