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March 8, 2017

What’s the situation with Bluetooth audio?

Bluetooth audio is touted as the future of wireless music by some and as the scourge of audio quality by others. With wireless speakers and smart home setups becoming more common, and the headphone jack already disappearing from a number of high-end smartphones, let’s weigh up the merits and drawbacks of Bluetooth audio.

A history of problems

The big bogeyman of Bluetooth music is quality, and it’s certainly true that transferring music over this relatively slow protocol is not going to sound as good as a top notch FLAC file. Why? Well because Bluetooth audio relies on lossy compression, just like the MP3, Microsoft’s WAV, or the common ACC file types. Typical, lossy [...]

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December 31, 2016

Best of Android 2016 – Audio

What is Best of Android?                

In Best of Android, we take the most important smartphones of the year and compare them side-by-side and in-depth. This year, with so many good phones available, we’ve stepped things up a notch and brought the 10 biggest Android phones of the year to the competition.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge HTC 10 Sony Xperia XZ Google Pixel XL Xiaomi Mi 5 Lenovo Moto Z Force Droid OnePlus 3T LG V20 Huawei Mate 9 ZTE Axon 7

Read more about Best of Android and thanks for being such a valuable part of the Android Authority family!

Up next in our Best of Android 2016 series is some audio testing. We’ve seen manufacturers increasingly boast about [...]

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