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May 3, 2017

AutoVoice Chrome extension for the PC now works with Google Assistant

João Dias’ AutoVoice extension for Google’s Chrome browser has been updated, and it can now call upon the recently released SDK for Google Assistant. That means that anyone with Chrome and the extension can use voice commands with Google Assistant, even on a Windows PC.

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Once you set this up on your PC, you will be able to communicate with Google Assistant so it can handle a number of tasks. As the video above shows, that could range from checking your schedule, to a quick reading of the news from the New York Times, or even just have it play one of your favorite songs.

While all of that is pretty [...]

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March 8, 2017

Latest version of AutoVoice adds Google Home and Amazon Echo support

Several weeks ago, the beta version of the popular AutoVoice app added support for using the app with the Google Home speaker. This week, AutoVoice developer Joao Dias launched the new, non-beta version of AutoVoice 3.0, adding support for not just Google Home but also Amazon’s Echo series of speakers that use its Alexa digital assistant.

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That means that Google Home and the Echo speakers will now be able to recognize both direct and natural language voice commands for Tasker, with the use of AutoVoice (this will also require the installation of Tasker on your smartphone). Home and [...]

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