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July 31, 2017

HTC U11’s future update will reportedly enable Bluetooth 5 without hardware changes

From its mirror finish and solid build quality to its great audio and software experience, there is plenty to like about the HTC U11. An upcoming software update unofficially announced through an FCC filing, however, revealed the phone will have another feather in its cap: Bluetooth 5.

As our own Gary Sims eloquently puts it, today’s Bluetooth comes in two flavors: “Classic” and “Low Energy.” The former enables things like keyboards, mice, headsets, and speakers to communicate to other devices, while the latter, referred to as BLE, uses relatively less power and is designed for wearables and beacons.

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May 26, 2017

Why you won’t be using Bluetooth 5 on your Galaxy S8 just yet – Gary explains

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) announced Bluetooth 5 during the summer of 2016 and then towards the end of that year the new specification was officially ratified and we started to see Bluetooth 5 appear in hardware, first in development boards and then in consumer devices, most notably the Galaxy S8.

Last month I got hold of a couple of Bluetooth 5 enabled nRF52840 development boards from Nordic Semiconductor. Using these I was able to test the real world capabilities of Bluetooth 5 and also cut through some of the marketing hype about the new standard.

Most notably I was able to clear up the huge confusion around the ideas that Bluetooth 5 offers [...]

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December 7, 2016

Bluetooth 5 is finally here, bringing 4x the range and 2x the speed

Bluetooth 5 was unveiled on June 16th of this year, and today has officially come to market as a technology ready for implementation.

The biggest additions to the standard are increased range, speed, message capacity, and interoperability. The goal for this version of the wireless connection standard is aimed at Internet of Things technologies, which require strong connections that can relay information instantly across large homes. The company says it can deliver four times the range, two times the speed, and eight times the broadcast message capacity. This isn’t just a 4.3 standard upgrade, it’s 5.0 for a reason.

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