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October 12, 2017

Google invests in Neverware, a company turning old Windows laptops into Chromebooks

Chromebooks are an amazing tool. If you have a child in school right now, you know that there’s a major push for Chromebooks in the classroom. They run Chrome OS, which is very lightweight and able to run on older or slower hardware. This allows Chromebooks to keep costs down when compared to Windows or iOS devices. The relatively small cost of a Chromebook makes them perfect for school systems that are always looking to stretch a buck as far as they can.

While many schools are now investing in Chromebooks, the question is what to do with older Windows-based laptops from the past. They might still work, but they’re generally too slow for students to use effectively. [...]

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July 9, 2017

Google looks to make Chrome OS much more touch-friendly than before

Traditional, non-touchscreen Chrome OS were very popular in the past, but partly due to the inclusion of Android app support, Google has slowly made its desktop operating system more touch-friendly over the years. That trend looks to continue with an updated look and feel that make Chrome OS more touch-friendly than before.

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Based on the video, which was first spotted by Engadget and uploaded by Chromium evangelist François Beaufort, the redesigned desktop takes cues from Android by having the app launcher window at the bottom of the screen when you click on the Apps button. By comparison, [...]

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May 18, 2017

Chromebooks may get some Android O features before they show up on phones

One year ago at Google I/O 2016, the company announced that it would soon allow Chrome OS and Chromebooks to run Android apps from the Google Play Store. At the time the company said that this support would be available in the fall of 2016. Since then, this feature has been very slow to roll out. Today, as part of the 2017 Google I/O conference, the company offered an update on those plans, and had some surprising news that relates to Android O as well.

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As we have reported before, Google currently only has six Chrome OS devices that can download and run Android apps on the stable version of the OS. In a story on The [...]

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May 5, 2017

Samsung Chromebook Pro delayed, Android apps for Chrome to blame?

Google announced plans to release Android apps for Chrome OS at Google I/O last year, but until now they’ve been in beta. The apps were expected to roll out fully along with the introduction of the new Chromebook Pro from Samsung in April, though that’s still not here yet either.

Speaking to The Verge, a Samsung spokesperson has now confirmed that the Chromebook Pro will be available “later this spring,” which means it should be here in the next six weeks or so. But we’re still left to wonder about the Chrome OS apps.

It’s possible that the delay of the Chromebook Pro isn’t actually related to the apps situation, however it seems likely that Google would want to [...]

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