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March 2, 2017

Cortana for Android adds lock screen support with latest update

Microsoft continues to support and update its Cortana digital assistant on Android smartphones with new additions and improvements. The latest update for the Android version adds a new feature that was previously announced; the ability to use Cortana on your smartphone lock screen.

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As first reported by Android Police, the lock screen option is available by going into Cortana’s settings menu and enabling it. Once that is done, you should see a floating Cortana circle logo with “Swipe to open” displayed on your lock screen. Swiping it will launch the digital [...]

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December 17, 2016

Microsoft might have some secret weapons in store for its Echo competitor

You may have caught a glimpse of Microsoft’s teaser for its Amazon Echo competitor the other day. It’s a Harman Kardon speaker running Cortana that aims to take on not just the Echo, but also the likes of Google Home and whatever Samsung eventually comes out with running Bixby (besides the Galaxy S8 of course). But against such fierce competition, does Microsoft’s digital assistant speaker stand a chance?

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In short: absolutely. But there are quite a few things to consider when trying to predict how well a virtual assistant product will do on the market. First, there are the obvious things, like [...]

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November 25, 2016

Cortana can offer birthday reminders on Android, pre-installed on Xiaomi Mi Mix in China

Cortana, Microsoft’s entry in the crowded digital assistant market, has a new update on Android devices. Among other things, it now adds birthday reminders for the first time.

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The new feature basically lets Cortana access a user’s Outlook Calendar and then offers up reminders if it spots an upcoming birthday. The new 1.9.12 version also lets the app connect to multiple different calendars. Finally, the app has some improvements for its location-based reminders and its meeting retrieval features, along with some unnamed bug fixes.

In related news, the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone for [...]

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