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August 1, 2017

The wait is over: The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus now support Daydream VR

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, one of the more glaring omissions was the lack of Daydream VR support. We assumed it was not for a lack of specs – the Snapdragon 835, 4 GB of RAM, and Quad HD Super AMOLED display ensure compatibility – so it was only a matter of time until that would change.

Fortunately for Daydream VR fans, that time is now, since Google confirmed Daydream VR is rolling out to Samsung’s pair of flagship smartphones.

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The two phones have had quite the [...]

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May 18, 2017

Why social VR is a really big deal

As great as VR has been to this point, one of the most common complaints about it has been that it can be a little isolating. Strapping a VR headset to your face and transporting yourself to another world is a fantastic experience, but until now it has largely been a solitary one (barring social spaces like Altspace and Rec Room).

Everything you need to know from Google I/O 2017

A couple of new announcements made during Google’s AR/VR session at I/O today could be a watershed moment for VR as a social activity. For starters, you’ll soon be able to cast your Daydream experience to compatible devices, allowing your friends to see what you see, albeit in [...]

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March 19, 2017

10 best Google Daydream apps

Google Daydream is Google’s newest VR platform. It’s only been around for a few months and only a few devices can use it. You’ll have a better experience than you would with Google Cardboard. However, we’re still waiting for the app market to populate more. It’s still early, but some apps are already pretty decent. Here are the best Google Daydream apps!

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6 days ago Coloring VR Price: Free DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY Coloring VR is one of the more relaxing Daydream apps. Like most coloring book apps, you’ll be able [...]

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March 7, 2017

Three Daydream VR games get big 50 percent discounts

Owners of Google’s Daydream View VR headsets, and a compatible phone, can head to outer space, drive fast and furious, and try to keep a bomb from exploding on a discount. Three major Daydream VR games have their prices cut down in the Google Play Store for 50 percent off their normal cost for a limited time.

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Gunjack 2: End of Shift, which normally is priced at $12.99, is currently on sale at just $6.49 today. The first-person space shooter comes from CCP Games, the creators of the PC space-based MMO EVE Online, and the higher-end VR space shooter EVE Valkyrie. Your role in Gunjack 2 is to defend the [...]

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