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May 9, 2017

First DISTANT gameplay trailer shows a glimpse of Snowman’s vision

Several months ago, Snowman, the creators of the hit mobile snowboarding game Alto’s Adventure, announced DISTANT, a new game created in collaboration with Australian indie developer Slingshot & Satchel. Today, Snowman revealed the first gameplay trailer for DISTANT, and at first glance, it looks like a beautiful endless runner.

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According to the trailer, which shows about a minute of footage, it looks like players will be controlling a character wearing a yellow cape, which follows a burning ball around the landscape. The setting in this clip shows the character running and jumping in a location with lots of water [...]

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November 30, 2016

Alto’s Adventure developer announces DISTANT – and we hope it’s Android-bound

Snowman, the developer of the hit Android and iOS snowboarding game Alto’s Adventure, has unveiled its latest project, DISTANT. The game, which is being created in partnership with Australian indie developer Slingshot & Satchel, was revealed in a blog post yesterday along with its first trailer.

The video captures a similar ethereal tone to that of Alto’s Adventure and takes place inside a cavern. A caped avatar is seen attempting to jump between two columns and looks set to fall short. However, it is propelled forward by an unknown force to make it to the other side. Take a look at it in the official trailer below.

In an interview with Killscreen, [...]

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