Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed
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March 31, 2017

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed slashes its way worldwide on Android

After a soft launch in February in Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, the free-to-play hack and slash mobile game Dynasty Warriors Unleashed is now available to download for Android worldwide from the Google Play Store.

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The game itself is based on the long-running and highly popular console game series from Koei Tecmo Games. Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, from publisher Nexon, looks like it will retain much of the gameplay from its console cousins. That means players can expect lots of over-the-top action as they swing their swords and other weapons to fight off hordes of enemies.

The [...]

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February 24, 2017

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed soft launches in Canada and three other countries

If you live in Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, you can now download and play Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. The soft launch of the mobile game, based on the popular Koei console action game franchise, is now available in all those countries in their respective local Google Play Store.

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Based on the teaser trailer, it looks like the game borrows much of the fast gameplay from the console Dynasty Warriors series. Players will be able to select specific hero characters and have them battle with multiple enemies at once with special weapons and attacks. The game is supposed to feature over 80 [...]

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