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October 21, 2017

Facebook Messenger will soon let you pay your friends back with PayPal

Paying back your friends is getting even easier. Facebook Messenger has supported sending money through its platform for a few years now, but you had to use a credit or debit card. Now, Facebook is bringing PayPal into the fold. PayPal certainly has its faults, but it does provide another layer of protection in case someone gets ahold of your account.

You can access the new feature the same way you’d pay with your credit or debit card. Tap the blue plus icon, then hit the green Payments button. It’ll bring up two options and you can just move on with PayPal from there. Pretty easy stuff. If you’ve previously been using Facebook Messenger for payments like this, you can [...]

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July 6, 2017

10 best Facebook apps for Android

Facebook is the most popular social media site on planet Earth. It has over a billion registered users, most of which are active on almost a daily basis. Unfortunately, the official Facebook app is a data using, resource hogging, battery draining catastrophe of an app that a lot of people don’t want. It’s always good to have options so we’re going to take a look at the best Facebook apps for Android. If these aren’t doing it for you, we have a second list of Facebook alternatives here that’s a little bit more in-depth!

Here are some more social media apps you might find useful.   10 best Twitter apps for Android

March 6, 2017   10 best Reddit apps for [...]

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April 20, 2017

Facebook lets you listen and share Spotify songs in Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular chatting apps and prides itself on having 1.2 billion active monthly users. To make sure they keep coming back, Facebook has added a new feature to the app that will appeal to music lovers.

The company is integrating Spotify into Messenger, which will allow you to find, share, and listen to the songs you want without leaving the messaging app. The people you share a song with will be able to listen to a 30-second clip directly within Messenger but will have to open up Spotify in order to listen to it in full.

The Spotify integration is a part of the new Chat Extensions feature and is really easy to use. All you have [...]

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January 28, 2017

Android emoji – everything you need to know

Emoji seem to have taken over the world, with emoticons quickly becoming a dying tongue around the inter webs. And for good reason; these little icons offer a convenient and friendly way to express emotions. Even turds look cute when pictured as emoji!

But what about us Android users and enthusiasts? You may recall that for a while emoji just showed up as lame squares, and in some cases that continues to be the case. This is because the first major phone maker to adopt these was Apple, in an attempt to attract more users from Japan (where emoji first became popular). It didn’t take long for this to explode and become the amazingly popular trend it now is, with most [...]

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