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November 8, 2017

Google is tackling “abusive” links on Chrome for mobile and desktop

Google has announced a series of changes to Chrome that it hopes will put an end to nasty redirects and deceptive links when using the popular web browser on both Chrome for Android and desktop. The new features have been designed to help avoid “abusive experiences” and improve web browsing on the whole, and will be rolling out in future Chrome updates.

The main target of the three new features are sites and/or links that send the end user to an entirely different, typically unwanted location. According to Google, one out of every five feedback reports are from users that have been redirected towards unexpected, potentially malicious content in this way.

To [...]

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July 28, 2017

Greater control over a website’s notifications coming to Google Chrome in Android O

One of the more significant changes within Android O involves what Google’s upcoming update has done relative to notifications. From notification dots to how they are presented in general, notifications received plenty of attention from the search giant. Google’s work on that front is not done, however, since it will update Chrome to give websites their own notification channels.

To be clear, this feature is not available in any current version of Chrome, which all currently offer five notification channels: Browser, Downloads, Incognito, Media, and Sites. With these channels, you can set the level of importance and tell Android how you would like the different types [...]

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May 3, 2017

AutoVoice Chrome extension for the PC now works with Google Assistant

João Dias’ AutoVoice extension for Google’s Chrome browser has been updated, and it can now call upon the recently released SDK for Google Assistant. That means that anyone with Chrome and the extension can use voice commands with Google Assistant, even on a Windows PC.

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Once you set this up on your PC, you will be able to communicate with Google Assistant so it can handle a number of tasks. As the video above shows, that could range from checking your schedule, to a quick reading of the news from the New York Times, or even just have it play one of your favorite songs.

While all of that is pretty [...]

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April 17, 2017

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Week

Welcome to the 187th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the headlines from the last week:

Google Earth is getting a massive overhaul on April 18th. An invite went out to some websites to attend the event. Typically, updates don’t get this much attention. Thus, we assume that this is no normal update. Google Earth has been around since 2005. It also existed as EarthViewer 3D since 2001. It’s been around for a while and Google thinks it’s finally time for a major overhaul. We’ll tell you more when we learn more. Burger King released a new ad this week. It was only about 20 seconds long, but it was highly effective. The actor on camera used the “Okay, Google” hotword to [...]
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