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October 26, 2017

You can now cast HBO and CBS shows with your Google Home

Just last week, Google Home gained the ability to control YouTube TV with voice commands. Now Google is bringing another big improvement to Assistant on Google Home. Starting today, you can ask your Google Home to cast shows and movies from subscription services like HBO NOW, CBS All Access, and The CW.

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All you need to do is open up the Google Home app and link your HBO NOW/CBS All Access [...]

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August 27, 2017

You can now use Google Home to watch the latest episodes from CBS and the CW

With Google Home already allowing voice control for your Spotify and Netflix accounts, it was only a matter of time until more services were allowed to use Google’s connected speaker to act as a pseudo-remote. That inevitability continues to become reality as you can now use Google Home to watch shows from CBS and the CW through CBS All Access and CWTV, respectively.

Google confirmed the news with Engadget, though the search giant clarified that the new updates are rolling out “as they get ready.” In other words, not everyone will see CBS All Access and CWTV as options in the Google Home application, though that should change relatively soon.

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August 11, 2017

Deal: Google Home can be yours for just $84 at Lowe’s

With a special discount coupon from Lowe’s, you can get your hands on Google’s smart speaker for just $84, down from $109.

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Although Google Home only just arrived in countries like Canada, France, and Australia, it’s been available in the US for almost a year now. That’s why Google and other retailers have lowered its price to $109 from the original $129. Well, if that $20 discount wasn’t big enough an incentive for you to buy Google’s AI-powered speaker, here’s an even [...]

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August 5, 2017

Google’s Preview Program now gives Google Home owners first dibs on upcoming updates

It is not unusual for companies to provide its users several features before the rest of us. One of the ways Google does this is through its Preview Program, which was first introduced for the Chromecast last year. Now, the search giant has expanded the program to include the Google Home.

As previously alluded to, the Preview Program gives folks early access to new features, but Google stresses that the program is not a beta – the updates they receive are the same as those the rest of us receive. Rather, people who sign up for the Preview Program are first in line for these updates and, as such, are encouraged to provide Google with feedback.

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