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May 12, 2017

Google Phone has a “paw mode” easter egg

The internet is obsessed with cats and dogs. We think the entire internet economy would collapse without a steady stream of cat memes or adorable dog videos. Google apparently is doing its part to spread the cuteness with an Easter Egg that has been discovered in the latest update to its Google Phone app for Android.

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Android Police did one of their trademarked code teardowns on the 9.0 version of Google Phone last week, and found images of a cat and a dog paw hidden in the app. At the time, the post could not figure out why these pictures were there. Now the site is reporting it has found the secret, [...]

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February 16, 2017

Google Phone 8.0 adds voicemail sharing and minor visual tweaks

The Google Phone app is probably one of the most important in our devices. After all, a phone’s main feature is making calls… or at least it used to be. Either way, this application was updated on February 10 and most of us were left wondering just what the search giant did to it. It turns out it was more than the reported “bug fixes”.

After some digging and a teardown, the guys from Android Police found a few features you may be interested in. These include voicemail sharing, a different “new contact” icon color and a future ability to send files during a call.

Ever wanted to save a voicemail or share it with a friend? This is usually a complicated process that [...]

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