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October 30, 2017

Google shuns country domain, now shows results based on where you are

One of Google Search‘s lesser-known features is the ability to get another country’s search results by changing the country code top level domain (ccTLD). This was very useful whenever I traveled to the Dominican Republic – the country uses for Google Search results – but still wanted search results from back home in the US.

That changes today, however, with Google announcing that the choice of country service will no longer be determined by that domain, but by your current location. In other words, even if you want to use the aforementioned domain, you will still get results based on where you are.

Editor’s Pick Dear Google, [...]
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May 28, 2017

New Personal tab in Google Search will show results from Photos, Gmail, and more

Oftentimes when performing a Google Search, you’ll be shown personal results from Google Photos, Gmail, Calendar, and a variety of other services. Say, for instance, you’re looking up the word dogs. Google Search will comb through your Photos and Gmail accounts and display all the relevant dog photos and emails you may have in those services. It’s a little feature that can really come in handy at times, though these personal results don’t always show up for every search.

Now Google is adding a Personal tab to Search that lets you see results from your Google applications.

Once you perform a Google Search on the web or on your mobile device (unfortunately it’s [...]

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May 10, 2017

Google search can now help you learn about events going on in your area

Google might have its sights set on numerous different software and hardware projects, but it has not forgotten about its search engine roots. Today, the company announced an update to its Google app and mobile website that taps into services like Eventbrite, Meetup, and Songkick to give you a bird’s eye glance at what events are around you.

Say you search for “jazz concerts in Austin,” or “art events this weekend.” Results that pop up will now display specific information about the event, such as its name, when it begins, and where it will be hosted. You can also filter through events by time, whether they start up the day of, the next day, or the next [...]

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April 25, 2017

Google wants to go after fake news in search with new feedback tools

The term “fake news” has now become a common one for the general public, but it started on the internet as sites began popping up that posted content that was, at best, misleading and, at the worst, flat out false or offensive. Today, Google announced it will be taking action to reduce the amount of fake news and content that shows up in its search results.

See also: Google clamps down on fake news, brings Fact Check to Search globally 2 weeks ago

In a blog post today, Google said that about 0.25 percent of the search results in its daily traffic were coming up with what it called “offensive or clearly misleading content, which is not what people are looking [...]

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