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April 3, 2017

Google Wifi app update adds a way to turn the router on or off automatically

Sometimes, it might be a good idea to just turn off the internet. Maybe you are cooking dinner or reading a book, or playing with your kids. But if you have a Wi-Fi home network, it can be hard to just get completely away; the temptation is always there to check your phone or tablet for a new text message or email. Today, Google is rolling out an update to its Google Wifi app that will allow owners of its wireless hardware products to schedule a time to turn off the internet.

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The new feature is called Scheduled Pause, and it came from an idea that Edith Chao, the [...]

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February 24, 2017

Google inadvertently reset some WiFi and OnHub routers

If you own a Google WiFi router or one of the older OnHub devices, and you found that they stopped working all of a sudden on Thursday evening, you can relax a little because you were not alone. There were a number of online reports that night with people experiencing those kinds of issues, and as it turned out the problem was caused by Google itself.

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Many people who own more than one Google WiFi router in a mesh network said that while the central one was blinking blue, indicating that it was working properly, the other mesh points started flashing red and were [...]

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December 22, 2016

Google’s FCC filings reveal something intriguing about the Google Wifi

When Google first announced the Google Wifi – a sexy minimalist router that finally doesn’t have to hide behind your couch – one thing seemed to be missing. That is the 802.15.4 based ZigBee frequency. Google Home and Android Things seem to signal Google’s expansion into the smart home and IoT arena, but the omission of the ZigBee frequency was a puzzling move, to say the least. Well, according to Google’s FCC filings, the wireless frequency is in fact there just not “turned on,” maybe.

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ZigBee is an 802.15.4 based wireless frequency that is a necessity when it comes to the IoT. It facilitates “a suit of high-level [...]

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December 6, 2016

Google Wifi officially goes on sale for $129

Google Wifi was first unveiled at the company’s Pixel event way back in the beginning of October, but unfortunately users had to wait to purchase the new product. Now, after three weeks of being available for pre-order, we’re happy to tell you Google Wifi is now available for purchase from the Google Store, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.

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As noted in our full review, Google Wifi is meant for folks who need a strong, reliable internet connection that’s easy to set up. It’s certainly not the cheapest router on the market, but it does offer a reliable connection, a wide range, and can be paired up with multiple units if you [...]

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