OxygenOS 3.2.8
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November 25, 2016

OxygenOS 3.2.8 update is rolling out to the OnePlus 3 now

OnePlus has released a software update for the OnePlus 3. Before you get too excited, let me just start by saying that this is not the promised Nougat update you are all waiting for. According to the company, Google’s latest version of its OS will hit the recently announced OnePlus 3T and its slightly older discontinued brother by the end of the year.

For now, the OnePlus 3 has been updated to OxygenOS version 3.2.8, which brings a few incremental features to the device. The most interesting one is the addition of 1080p 60fps video recording, hinted at recently by the team in a Reddit AMA.

The update also adds an emergency calling feature for Indian users, which [...]

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