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November 16, 2017

OnePlus 5T hands-on

Some smartphone manufactures make a single flagship device each year. Loyal customers will often wait for Google, Samsung, Apple, and others to announce their best and brightest before even thinking about upgrading to anything else. In the case of OnePlus however, flagship launch events are becoming a bi-annual occurrence.

The OnePlus 3T seemed to come out of nowhere when it launched last year, and offered a pretty substantial spec upgrade over the original. This came with a price upgrade as well, though. While the OnePlus 3 launched at just $399, the company asked $40 more for the newer T variant. A lot of users felt betrayed by a sudden upgrade from the phone they had [...]

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October 30, 2017

LG V30 Review: A photography and videography dream

The LG V series of smartphones has always been for those who want a phone that is a photo, video, and audio powerhouse. Now in its third iteration, LG aims to achieve that goal once again by refining its recipe even further. With a refreshed design, a bezel-less screen, and a host of new camera features, is the V30 the phone to beat this holiday season? Find out in our LG V30 review!


Most smartphone series tend to have iterative designs for a couple generations before completely revamping things. No series has changed more drastically since it’s inception than the V series. Instead of the G5-esque metal of last year’s V20, or the chunky duraskin of the original [...]

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September 5, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: Do Bigger Things, at a Bigger Price

This review is brought to you by MNML Case, an ultra-thin case that showcases the beauty of your new phone and fits like a glove! Get 15% OFF your Note 8 MNML Case until the end of September with the promo code: 15N8

After the disaster of last’s year Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is looking to redeem itself and the decision to continue with the Note brand is a rather bold one. Will the Galaxy Note 8 be able to rebuild the Note brand in a positive light and regain the trust of Samsung’s customers? And are there enough improvements to make it a top contender in the second half of 2017’s smartphone onslaught? Find out in our full Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review!


On [...]

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September 1, 2017

Essential Phone review: Maximum hardware, minimum software

It’s a question that will inevitably be asked by just about everyone, so we’re here to give our perspective on whether or not the Andy Rubin backed Essential Phone is actually, well, essential. (I’ll try my best to keep the ‘essential’ puns to a minimum.)

A great build and a really lean software experience bring a lot to any first glance at this phone, but what else does it bring to the table?

We’re taking a closer look in our Essential Phone review.


The movement of minimalism – relinquishing all of one’s possessions in favor of a life without a ton of frivolity – is strong with the Essential, as easily seen at first glance and in first [...]

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